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for Monitor calibration and Workflow consulting

consulting for professional film and video

I offer a wide array of solutions in various aspects of the field. my involvement can be minimal and specific. or broad and long term. I conduct tests, match workflows to needs, train teams, supervise projects, assist in equipment acquisition comparison and more.

In our digital world today there are so many possibilities and different needs, all require specific workflows in order to achieve the result you desire. we offer the knowledge to asset you in getting there.

I know from experience that our services will save you more than they'll cost.


I offer a wide array of solutions in different aspects of the field

  • specific workflow construction and training.
  • adaptation of new technologies and systems.
  • equipment purchase consulting –  
    either adapted to your budget or reviewing offers from vendors and dalliers.
  • advance digital film workflows, from pre to post and beyond digital transfers, conforming,
    grading, labs and prints.
  • on-set tapeless workflow solution, from simplest DSLR production to advanced RED, ALEXA, uncompressed captures, Phantom and more.
  • system calibration and evaluation.
  • conducting basic and advanced tests for specific workflow.
  • FCP and Premiere  training, and adapt personnel to new systems.
  • colleges and schools – equipment, post systems and future planning.